2022 Run For A Smile Antarctica


The course on King George’s Island has marked gravel roads that connect the scientific research bases of Uruguay, Chile, China and Russia. Great care is taken to leave behind zero impact on the environment in this sensitive ecosystem. As part of this, we are restricted to having a maximum of 100 passengers ashore for the event at any one time.

Sponsor Dr Nasser Nadjmi per run kilometer

Total kilometers: 42KM

Donation target: €10.000

Amount/KM: €

Your total donation: €

2022 Run For A Smile Antarctica Donation



The Antarctica Marathon may have been the first for-profit sporting event held in Antarctica, on January 28, 1995. The event is now held every year in late February or early March. The 42.195-kilometre race is held on King George Island, one of the largest Antarctic Islands just off the Antarctic Peninsula. There is also a half-marathon held at the same time. The start and finish is at Bellingshausen Station (the Russian base), and the course passes the Artigas Base (Uruguayan), the Frei Base (Chilean) and the Great Wall Base (Chinese). The course follows a gravel road that connects the bases and changes each year based on the base operations as well as road and weather conditions.




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